A Complete Online Ecosystem to Master Quantitative & Risk Modelling

We offer refreshers on Maths, Statistics & Coding to brush up the basic concepts.
Understand the theory & concepts with our detailed theory lectures
Dedicated sessions to practice theory on real data
Visualisations & animations to get intuition on complex mathematical concepts
Python codes with output & interpretation to help the user work on giant industry level data
PPT Slides to summarize all what is taught.
Graded Exercises to master the analytics aspects of the theory
To discuss every topic in detail


Our videos are structured in a way that gives hands on experience on real time industry practices. We take you through end to end learning which starts from picking the data, cleaning it, building the model, finding the output, and finally interpreting and using it for the purpose in hand. One of the most outstanding features which makes us different from the others is that we provide excel illustrations for a deeper understanding of the logic which goes behind algorithms.
We have detailed courses on the following topics

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All our programs are supported by:

  • Hands on Sessions using Excel
  • Code Output & Interpretation using Python
These coding sessions Enables mastery of topics across theory and implementation and the ability to create models on new data.


The first ever modelling focussed discussion forum to discuss and resolve all doubts of participants in an organised way under one platform.

  • The objective of the platform is to facilitate healthy discussion on various topics of quant modelling & ensure that all doubts of participants are answered in a timely & organised way by experts
  • The forum is designed in such a way that all discussion are classified in different categories that makes it easy to locate & track any discussion
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All our programs are certificate programs that ensures broad & deep proficiency in respective areas & allows our participants to get their dream job by showcasing their skills to the prospective employers

  • Certification is awarded on completion of regular projects, assignments & passing a full-length exam.
  • All our exams are conducted online & can be taken from anywhere in the country
  • Getting a certification allows professionals to enter the elite club of quant modellers